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Why HRStop

Tired of using the boring legacy system ? Tired of maintaining and stacking paperwork ? Scared of payroll, appraisal & timesheet?

Simple and Easy to use !!

At HRStop we believe in making lives simpler. HRStop has been made keeping in mind this view. Complex systems such as Payroll, Attendance, Appraisal can be done with just few clicks.

Enhanced Customer support !!

Our team of talented and motivated individuals is readily available to deliver the best HR Management solution and the best customer service in the industry. Please Contact us for any queries or feel free to write to us on for any queries/ feedback / wishlist.

Constantly Evolving and Surprising you !!

HRStop believes change is the only constant thing in life. So, we are always evolving and upgrading ourselves and our clients. With new features, feel good interface, stronger customer service, we change as you change.

Security Matters !!

At HRStop, we know how valuable and precious your data is. We believe in complete security of your data. We use modern technologies like Cloud Computing and several firewalls, we make your data as secure as in CIA.

Highly Scalable and Effective !!

HRStop grows the pace your company grows. HRStop adapts itself according to the pace and phases of growth of your company. We know as the company grows maintaining and managing data becomes troublesome, but we guarantee to make things simpler.

Still Confused ? Schedule a demo!!

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All this and much more with the fantastic customer support.