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Access Anywhere Anytime

  • 24/7 Available on the cloud
  • Fits in all your devices - Tablets/ Smart Phones/ Laptops/ Desktops
  • Access HRStop from any place.

Easy on pocket

  • Hardware investment - ZERO
  • Hosting charges - ZERO
  • Licensing cost - ZERO
  • Maintenance charges - ZERO

Fit for all industry size/ type

  • HRStop is meant for companies with size 1 - ....
  • HRStop accommodates companies from all industries

No Tech how required

  • Excellent support on phone/ mail/ online conferencing/ ticket submissions
  • Easy to use and very intuitive

Employee Self Services

Employee Dashboard

An intelligent dashboard with necessary quick links and overview of the complete system.

Leave Management

Apply/ Approve leaves. Check leave balance against leave categories. Smart leave filters.

Attendance Management

Use Time In/ Time Out buttons to mark attendance. Or bulk upload attendance of employees instantly using CSV file.

Expense Management

Apply/ Approve expense reports. View expense receipts. Pay manually or automate by integrating with Payroll.

Timesheet Management

Employees can update their daily tasks created for them by admin. View number of hours spent in each task.

Training Management

Create trainings, define trainer. Employees can view training calendar and nominate self for training.

Assets Management

Add assets, bulk upload using CSV, assign to employees, define expected return date, release to pool.

Apply for Internal Jobs

Employee can view internal jobs posted by company admin, apply for them.


Employee can view his compensation details, view all payslips and download them as and when required.

Personnel Profile/ Administration

Personal Details

Employees can keep their personal details like address, phone numbers updated.

Company Specific Details

Employees can view their company specific details like department, designation, reporting manager.

Employee Qualification

Maintain all necessary details related to employee's qualifications, year of passing, degree, etc.

Job History

Maintain information of all past employers, overall experiences, CTC and designation.

Family Members

Maintain details of all dependents in the family, their contact numbers and occupation.

Documents/ Photos

Employees can submit all requisite documents and also download those pushed by their admins.

Bank Details

Employees can keep their bank account details updated, so that salary is transferred in the right account.

Employee Timeline

Employees can keep track of everything going on in their HR system along with time for each process.

Assign Managers, Permissions

Assign managers to employees responsible for approving/ rejecting leaves/ expenses of employees.

Payroll/ Appraisal Management

Define Payroll Components

Admins can configure Earning/ Deduction components according to rules applicable in their company.

Define Pay Structures

Admins can easily create Pay Structures using earning/ deduction components, taxes and save them for reuse.

Define Taxes

Admin can define various tax components according to the requirements of the company.

Assign Pay Structures

Group employees with common pay components to same Pay Structure. Assign default component values.

Comprehensive Payroll Reports

View overall salary paid in company for a month, various earning/ deduction details.

Full & Final Settlement

Process Full and Final settlement for employees who have raised resignation request.

Salary Statement for Bank

Salary report for bank with details of each employees net salary and bank account details is created automatically.

Auto mail payslips

Pay slips are automatically mailed to employees' official email once payroll is processed.

Make Appraisals

Quickly make employees' appraisals by defining new Pay Structure/ Reporting Manager/ Designation for them.

Recruitment Management

Create Job Posting

Post job vacancies in your organization, describe available positions, qualifications/skills/experience etc.

Assign Online Test

Create online tests, associate these them to necessary job postings. Give weight-age to the tests.

Applicant Self Services

Applicants can view job vacancies and apply for them. Go for the online tests and submit answers.

Resume Archiving

Receive and manage applicant resumes instantly, check their test scores and save them in the database.

Auto Interview Mails

Recruiters can create, edit, schedule interviews. These schedules are mailed automatically to applicants.

Applicant Tracking

Recruiters can label resumes as Shortlisted/ Rejected/ Approved/ On Hold etc and use them for tracking later.

Company Details

Employee Directory/ Search

Employees can search other employees in organization and view their complete profile.

Organization Chart

View all employees in the company, their departments, designations in hierarchical order.

Company Calendar

View list of all holidays and training calendars declared for the year by the company.

Forms/ Policies

Employees in the company have the option of viewing/ downloading the forms/ policies of the company.

News/ Announcements

Employees can subscribe to News/ Announcements to keep themselves updated with company activities.

Employee Birthdays

Employees can view birthdays of their peers and wish them for the same.


Create Multiple Admins

Feature to create any number of admins with various access levels and permissions.

IP Address Restrictions

Admin cab restrict company's private HRStop portal from opening up from outside list of configurable IP addresses.

Permissions based Access

Multi level of authentication/ authorization checks while allowing any admin accesses.

Mass Emailing to Employees

Admins can send instant notifications/ mails to employees in bulk for various departments/ designations.

CSV Extraction of all Data

Admins have the authority download all company data into CSV files with just one click.

Profile of Ex Employees

Admins have the option of maintaining/ deleting the profiles of employees who have left the organization.

Other Features

Reports/ Analytics

HRStop provides detailed analytic reports for various modules provided in the system.

Personal HRMS

HRStop creates a personal HR portal for each company which employees of respective company only have access to.

Custom Domain

HRStop allows mapping company's personal HR to any unique domain address with just few settings.


Admins can configure their HRStop portal as per their needs, enable/ disable modules as per convenience.

Maintenance & Support

Raise tickets for your issues by mailing at chat with our operators or call us directly at +91 85 85 95 30 85

Multi Level Secured Data

  • Amazon servers to store data
  • Daily back ups of data
  • 256 bit SSL encryption

A complete HR Management Solution FOR YOU, BY YOU

HRStop is a comprehensive, efficient, secure and fast human resources management system that facilitates managing full range of HRMS functions and responsibilities in any company. It gives your organization the much needed tools to manage your day-today tasks effortlessly.

Why choose us

Cloud ready

Security is the most important and valuable motive for us. That's why we use cloud computing instead of conventional methods.

Value for Money

HRStop is one of the product in the market which cares about its customers and their pockets. Affordable price is our priority.

Feel good look

We have recently upgraded HRStop with fresh screens and products. We constantly try and evolve to make HRStop to be the best.

Simple and Easy

HRStop is easy and simple to use without any head up cost. No need to install, download or maintain, just hit internet and use HRStop easily.