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Job Description

Job Description


·         Customer Onboarding: new customer onboarding by helping them realise the importance of our product.

·         Account Escalations: Support or response to any alerts, red flags for some issue or any critical or overdue customer support ticket.

·         Renewals: follow up on current month/quarter renewals to avoid any last-minute surprise

·         Upsell and cross-sell:  Expansion and upgrades are to be guided to the customers while managing their accounts.

·         Periodic health checks: conduct periodic health of all the accounts and ensure the best practices have been followed.

·         Customer Advocacy: Build and maintain the healthy customer relationship and helping them through renewals.

·         Training and feature Announcements: Facilitate the training on the regular updates and new feature additions in the platform.  

·         SPOC for all accounts you’d be managing.

·         Is often the first port of call for customers and is available to answer any inbound questions.

·         Liaison between client and support team.

·         Always put a smile on the customer.

Skills: Customer Succes, Marketing, sales, Client management, product Mangement, SPOC, UPsell, Cross sell

Desired Candidate Profile

 What are we looking for in you?

 ·         Candidate with an affinity towards working for an exciting technology a company with SAAS offering.

·         Hands on experience in handling customer onboarding, training, maintaining relationship and understanding customer empathy.

·         Understand the customer’s problem and providing the solution around it.

·         Excellent communication and writing skills.

·         Proactive attitude, Positive attitude and strong work ethic

·         Strong sense of customer satisfaction.