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Job Description
At Exadatum, We believe more in practical skills. We do not have any criteria for the fresher. You can be from any stream or institute. As far as you can code in any of c, c++, java or python programming languages, you can appear for our tests. We won't allow any other programming language. Interview Process
1) Online Rounds.
We will conduct 2-3 online coding rounds. All problem statements are custom designed and you won't find them over internet. You will code using your own laptop or desktop. You are free to use internet the way you want. No restrictions. Registration End Date: December 14, 2018 (Friday) Coding Round 1: December 17, 2018 (Monday) at 3:00 pm Coding Round 2: December 19, 2018 (Wednesday) at 3:00 pm 2) Onsite Rounds
We have 4 rounds. This is full day onsite interview in our office. We will pay for the logistics (travel/food). Same will be discussed with you when you are shortlisted.
A) Coding Round You will code using our laptops. You will be provided internet access. B) Technical Interview by Panel C) HR Interview D) Director Interview E) Announcements We will try our best to finish the process within a day but it may happen that the interviews might spill over next day. But be prepared for that.

Desired Candidate Profile